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Twin Palms Kata Virtual Seminar

With physical distancing and non-contact classes being the “new norm”, Kata’s (forms) have become more relevant than ever in teaching virtually and in-person classes as schools re-open.


Join Professor Brannon Beliso, 8th Degree Black Belt for three hours of learning of a brand new never-before-seen kata, “TWIN PALMS.” This kata is a great addition for most styles for the upper belt curriculum and a potential revenue generator for you to conduct seminars, workshops, and webinars.

Professor Brannon Beliso began his training in 1967 under the tutelage of his father Professor Lenny Beliso. He also studied extensively with the late Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro and Senior Grandmaster Rick Alemany. Professor Beliso created “Twin Palms,” with his student Sifu David Wiese, taking the best of Kenpo and incorporating elements of Jujitsu, and reality-based self-defense.

What you'll get:

  • 3 Hour Video Martial Arts Seminar