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It's Time LIVE! Elevate

Are you ready to ELEVATE? If you are an individualbusiness ownerentrepreneur or team that thrives on personal development, leadership, and vision work then this virtual event is for you. Experience disruptive learning and a new way of thinking that will elevate your life in this brave new world. Learn to connect and engage on a higher level as you cultivate happiness and prosperity on a path to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

What you'll learn from It's Time LIVE! Elevate:

  • INTENTION starts our day as we check in to validate and clarify what we need most from today based upon what we cultivated from day one.
  • in COURAGE challenges us to look within to find the strength to fully live out our personal, career, and entrepreneurial dreams.
  • EMPATHY is one of the most valuable qualities of contemporary leadership. It will empower and endear our loved ones, team, and community to us.
  • CARING is a choice that can truly empower all of us to serve at the highest level. STEPHEN REINSTEIN of Market Muscles, who fell in love with web design as a thirteen-year old boy, shares how to connect and engage through digital media, to help you tell your story, in the most authentic and caring way.
  • HERO is not just a word reserved for comic books and movies. JOSH ARECEMONT will share his passion that there is a “Hero” inside all of us.
  • SERVICE and the delivery of it has been influenced tremendously since the pandemic.
  • PIVOT & ADAPT are mindsets every successful person and business embraces.
  • VIRTUAL has proven itself to be a tangible revenue stream for many industries. Mastering it requires a disruptive mindset in every aspect of our thinking and actions.
  • RELATIONSHIPS are the foundation of a happy and successful person. They are the meaning of our work and fulfill our purpose of service.
  • It’s time to ELEVATE every aspect of your life with the experiences you have learned here.