It's Time Mentoring Program

I have always been very transparent with our statistics at our 1st location (1 million dollars annual gross, 30% net, 8 years in a row.) to share with the martial arts industry the potential of a service based business that is free of long term contracts, belt fees, upgrades, enrollment fees and heavy sales based systems.

Our second location (440 active students in three and a half years with a projected gross of 1 million gross for 2018) is now proving this type of business model and culture is replicable. These results have inspired me to offer, “IT’S TIME” to teach this information to those who share the same values and vision to be service based. This is my purpose.

I have spent the better part of 15 years developing and refining the systems to run a successful service based martial arts business. I have also spent the past 7 years giving this information away freely to school owners to best understand how to effectively teach it to them and get the results they deserve.

I am dedicated to constant learning and believe it is the key to my success. I will share my knowledge, experiences, and even my mistakes to help you create the life and business you deserve. You will work very hard over the next 8 months, but I promise that when you get to the other side, the journey will have been well worth the time, effort, and investment.

IT’S TIME offers you the tools to create a mindset to succeed. It begins with a self-inventory that challenges you to look deep inside yourself to discover your “WHY” or unique service point.

It’s time to review your VALUES to create the VISION needed to move your business from here to there.

If you are stuck or stagnant in your life or business, IT’S TIME will be the wake up call you need.

IT'S TIME will give you the tools and structure to design a team that does it better than you. A team that will give you the freedom you deserve.

To learn more about IT'S TIME, please visit the official website.


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