It's Time LIVE! Boston

April 2023

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Personal Development

You are your own best investment. You just have to decide that you are worth investing in. It takes managing your mindset, replacing bad habits with new ones, and consistently executing on a path to being a better you. Brannon shares his tested practices to help you live your best life.

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Effective Business

Setting up your business for success is vital to maximizing your tax benefits and profitability. It can also best position your school for optimal growth. Even more importantly, it helps you create a generational business that can contract and expand as needed in order to survive and thrive through the good times and the bad.

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Design Curriculum (2023)

The core product a martial arts school offers is the curriculum. A great one is the key to dynamic classes and retention. To be relevant and effective, your curriculum should be reviewed and improved upon annually. The challenge is how do we accomplish this while preserving the integrity of the art that we have practiced for...

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Building Wealth

Retirement is not something on most martial arts school owner's radar. Making it a focus of your business structure from day one gives you a better chance of creating a profitable business and saving for your retirement. Creating multiple revenue streams, investing in the stock market and real estate are all options. Brannon opens...

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Creating Content

We have all heard the saying, "Content is King." Becoming an effective storyteller for your culture can have a tremendous impact on earning the trust it takes to get new students while keeping the one's you have. Learn the basics of writing good copy, running Google ads, and more.

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Write Systems

"If you get sick or hurt and cannot work, how long would it be until your business would be forced to close?" It is a reality that most small business owners face every day. The SOLUTION? Write the systems and train a team to do it better than you. Your commitment to writing, reviewing, and rewriting these processes as...

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Inspiring Leadership

There are so many styles of leadership and they all get results, right? What it comes down to is what kind of leader do you truly want to be? We dive deep through case studies and Brannon's 30 plus years of leading teams to give you insights into what can best serve you and your team.

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