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Brannon’s 2 locations earned $2.15 MILLION in 2018 without contracts, enrollment or belt testing fees, heavy sales tactics or upgrades.


"If you are looking for a mentor who cares and offers you the real tools that will create true lasting success then I highly encourage you to seek out Brannon and his program “It’s Time.” I did it and it has changed my life."

Dean Wilkerson
Transformations Martial Arts


Brannon challenges you to be a critical thinker and create your own version of success.


Brannon gets to the WHY of who you are to help you stand out in the community you serve.


He will teach you what it takes to become a million dollar martial arts business through service.

Are you ready for a new way to do business in your martial arts school on a path to success and profitability?

It's Time

8 Month Mentoring Program

IT’S TIME to be part of a life-changing 8 month experience where Brannon Beliso will teach you how to succeed in life and business based upon values, vision, and purpose. It is all about service above selling where “People above profits” are the foundation for success.

IT’S TIME to challenge yourself to run your business the way today’s successful companies are doing it, where your purpose is to do well by doing good while making an impact and being a fiscally responsible business.



"“I came all the way from Germany and got so many new ideas that the money I spend has already paid for itself and more!“"

Andre Mewis
Disruptor at Mewis-Dojo Karate Berlin

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